They say marriage happens up in the heaven. But rarely does the heaven itself comes down to witness the sacred fusion of the two pretty souls. One such rare spectacle was this auspicious wedding.

Being a photographer for a ‘wedding of top and best photographers’ is not an easy task. I can comprehend from my own wedding being a photographer myself. But the groom chose us because “I was searching for professional photographers in India and I loved your work on wedding photography.” He said. A driving force to accept their call was their unique tale of love. We couldn’t resist ourselves from accepting their invitation upon hearing their story.

THEIR STORY: It all started in 2016, when the groom who is a Radiologist by profession and photographer by passion attended a wedding event as a photographer, without any knowledge on the further events. He was there to capture the interesting moments of the ceremony into his camera. This wasn’t crazy. The craziest thing was the huge number of interesting moments he captured in his heart… of a beautiful girl who was none other than the bride’s sister. Who is none other than our bride now. He knew right at the moment, that she was a permanent fix in his heart. Their love has been so pure that even the powerful nature and the pernicious situations melted down, making their way to the marriage a cake walk. Neither any objections from their parents nor from the saints.


WEDDING: It was a destination wedding that took place at the prestigious Radisson Blue at Mahabalipuram. Being a cooler place, spreading the fell of romance all across the air, it mesmerized the families and friends with its exciting aroma & ambiance. Though the unexpected rain disturbed a paradise like décor, it left us a feel of wishes showering upon the couple from the gods above. It eventually gave us space for intense fun and excitement giving us a great scope to shoot professional candid photographs.

The major attraction were their Friends, who added alluring colors to the wedding. Their unique style of presentation, their attires, and costumes, no one could have resisted applauding them. They were the highlight of the wedding reminding everyone how important the friends are and how crazy they can be.

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Location: Radisson Blue, Mahabalipuram.

Outfit: Anamika Khanna, Sabya Sachi, Papa don’t reach by Subhika, Deepika Prevari.

If not without them, the wedding would have had lost its significance. Their work was very much a soul, adding glamour to the event with their arresting aesthetic costumes and outfits, resembling a native Cinderella marrying an Indian Prince.

Wedding Planner: The A3 project for Hassle-free job

A pillar for the whole event. They had an amazing level of spontaneity and creativity.

Photography: VOWS by SIDDHUSOMA

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