Hello, I'm Siddhu Soma

I’m a wedding photographer based in Hyderabad, India a place which is known for Delicious Biryani and Haleem.

I always wanted to be a Photographer and used to click everything that pleases my eye & search aesthetics into it. While everybody appreciated the art around me, the journey of wedding photography kickstarted while I was pursuing my degree 2nd year when a friend contacted me to shoot his Cousin's wedding.

It feels amazing to have completed about 11+ years into wedding photography now and documenting about 550+ real love stories in some of the most gorgeous places within India and around the world. We've covered all kinds of weddings like temple weddings, International destination weddings & celebrity weddings, one thing I truly believe is there is a story in every photo. I see my work is all about the connection, emotion, authenticity and equality.

The journey became more exciting when my wife Bhargavi, decided to join hands and take care of client relation. She's my best friend, my partner, my missing puzzle piece. We’ve seen the world together and experienced a lot more in a short time than many will in a lifetime. Though a complete chatterbox, undoubtedly, you'd enjoy her company more!

Further, talking about my team, Well, I always preferred quality over quantity and got a handpicked of storytellers in my clan with an artistic eye for detail. We all work hard but party harder!

Our commitment to you is-When you choose Team Vows, you won't have to worry about your Photography and Wedding Film. After photographing & Filming countless South Indian Weddings in Hyderabad, of Telangana and other states in India, we understand each unique event, moment & ceremony. This gives you peace of mind to be fully present and enjoy the day with your friends & family.

Along with Vows by Siddhu Soma, I'm also a Founder and lead photographer at Little Vows, Maternity and New Born Studio. which includes collaborating with Telugu Film Celebrities and even shooting newborns right in the hospitals. The whole idea to start Little Vows for exclusively newborn photography, was inspired by my son.

Featured & Awarded as Best Wedding Photographer From Hyderabad, India

Award winning wedding photographer vows siddhu soma wedding photography


  • When offshoots, You will either find me travelling or sneaking away on a holiday with my wife & kid. 
  • Born and bought up in Hyderabad, my love for Haleem & Hookah is immense.
  • Would you believe if I say I don’t booze? Yes, I don’t :P 
  • Cycling is new found passion and I end up doing a 100km ride on weekends.
  • I Love Ladhak and would never say no to it any-day!
  • If I had superpowers, I’d like to keep my son unchanged for few more years, don’t they grew up too fast?
  • I started my career into photography at the age of 19 & you will still find me learning or mastering the art after 10yrs too! ( did you calculate my age there)!
  • I like to break stereotypes! And don’t like to follow masses.
  • Before I started my career and while I was in my college, I worked as a part time courier boy for pocket money.
  • I got married 4 times ( but to the same girl) will tell you my love story when we meet in person.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd pick a cabin in the woods amidst mountains.


You deserve the absolute best.

That's why we want to make sure we are the right choice for you.