If you’re reading this blog that means there is a wedding celebration coming soon in your family or friend circle. So Congratulations on starting one of the best journeys of your life. Best wishes on this wonderful journey.

 This blog will help you with the

Most of our brides decide which designer lehenga to wear for their wedding even before deciding whom they marry (applies to Arranged marriages though :P ) You all agree right? It's every girl’s dream to pick her favorite designer lehenga for wedding. your wedding outfit isn’t something you pick very easily because it isn’t just another dress, it is your wedding outfit and you should cherish it forever. 

Your wedding dress is something which reminds you of your special day and how you spent your time getting that perfect dress, these are the little moments which are your memories. Getting the right lehenga or a saree is very important because you can treasure them lifelong and can pass them on to your daughter or daughter-in-law, it can have a great sentimental value and can be inherited along. So, it’s not only important to find a wedding dress but also to treasure it.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Wedding Dress

1.Know your body type

Every woman has a different body type so choose your dress smartly. Choose all the details according to body types like fabric, pattern, design, sleeve length, draping, and many more. Not every lehenga you see on a model looks the same on you. Some of the types are

  • If your body type is petite, then go for nice large, structured and embellished lehengas.
  • If your body type is a bit heavier on the top, then go for the fabrics and works which don’t draw attention towards your chest.
  • If you want to look taller, avoid going for horizontal broad bordered lehengas which make you look shorter.

2. Minute details matter!

You don’t want to leave any detail while choosing your outfit because by ignoring a few details like 

  • Sleeve length: it is important to choose the right sleeve length because if you’re having a heavy upper body and mostly around your arms, it’s best if you choose elbow sleeves so that they’re covered.
  • Flare: If your body is pear-shaped, it’s best if you can go with a flared outfit so that covers your lower body

3. Choosing the Right Color Palette

Choosing the final color must be the first and most important thing while choosing your outfit. Yes! You don’t believe me? Come, there are so many things to consider if you want to get great pictures

  • Sinking with your groom is an important detail you should consider, you don’t have to match the same colors all the time, but choose the colors which complement each other.
  • Sinking with decor is also an important detail which we often don’t keep in mind. Wear something contrasts to your decor because if not you’ll camouflage with the decor and you’ll not pop out in the picture. 

 Many brides go for classic red for the main wedding ceremony but these days we see different color options like pastels and blues. Well, you have different ceremonies to wear different colors so choose the one according to your taste and decor of the location

4.Choosing the Right fabric

Choosing the right fabric is also an important aspect while choosing your outfit. so, keep in mind a few things like

  • the amount of flare you want 
  • the texture of the fabric, 
  • the work you want to be made on it
  • another important thing is comfort because you’re going to sit on a chair, bend, and do different things during the ceremony. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while doing the rituals.

5. Don't follow set one!

Brides often make this mistake because everyone wants to wear trendy clothes, which are going to look amazing during your wedding but when you look into your pictures after a few years you will be regretting. If you don’t want to think “what am I even wearing?” don’t go for the trends when they are going to get outdated eventually. Always customization is your good friend.

6.Choose the right outfit for the right occasion 

  • If you’re a south Indian, you don’t have to wear a saree for all the occasions
  • for your mehndi, try wearing an indo-western outfit like dhoti pants which are easy and breezy
  • for a cocktail, long and side slit gowns can be great and fun
  • for Haldi, make sure to wear something layered because you’re going to get wet eventually

7.Great things come with a tag!

Well, we all know that wedding outfits can be expensive especially depending on the designer you choose but we also know that great things come with a tag. Every good art piece comes with a price and there’s nothing wrong with investing in your wedding outfit because it’s going to stay with you forever.

You brides, if you’re from Hyderabad we got you sorted with the best designers available here. You can choose from traditional to indo-western to gowns and many more. We have seen our clients wearing one of them, personally, we found them amazing. 

So, it’s best if you get in touch with the designers as early as possible to get your outfit made rather than going to the store and picking something which was ready-made. Here are a few amazing top designers and stores from Hyderabad who has a great collection

BRIDE TIP: Customisation is the key to any great outfit; you don’t have to choose the exact same design your designer offers. You can always customize your initials in the design. Customisation is your choice and you can choose whatever you like. We all know Samantha’s engagement saree is customised with her love story and has a great sentimental value.

Top designers in Hyderabad for your wedding lehengas

Disclaimer: we aren’t ranking the designers In any way, list below is in the alphabetical order. we strongly believe every designer is special with their own art work. We just got you some of the top designers from Hyderabad , Telangana.

Aisha Rao

She is an amazingly talented woman whose work is trending in recent times. She is known for her bright colorful outfits which makes your eyes pop. If you are someone who loves colorful outfits, she is perfect. Her style is perfect for all your pre-wedding parties and especially mehndi, her outfits are all about bright and fun colors.

Instagram Handle : @aisharaoofficial | Contact: +919676589864 | Website: www.aisharao.in

Anushree Reddy 

Well, every bride knows about her, her floral outfits are a dream for every bride, which are very elegant and beautifully made. The color palette is beautifully chosen and she is known for the perfect blend of floral and the zardozi work on her lehengas and dupattas. Especially her recent collection is all about the great bridal zardozi work in beautiful collections. Her work has a unique finish in the border.

Instagram handle : @anushreereddydesign | Contact: +91 9951500032 | Website: www.shopanushreereddy.com

Ashwini Reddy

She is known for giving the classic silhouettes a modern touch which is perfect for the modern brides over there. She also has good floral collections. She is known for her sequence work and shimmery blouse which are perfect for outdoor weddings and receptions. These are blingy and beautiful.

Instagram handle: @ashwinireddyofficial | Website: www.ashwinireddy.com

Bhargavi Kunam

She is known for the hand-crafted luxury clothing that has a great collection of beautiful silk sarees that are royal. she has different color schemes for her sarees. Her designer blouse collection is specialized for wedding and bridal blouses which are perfect for wedding sarees and are very exquisite.

Instagram handle : @bhargavikunam | Contact: +91 9989899881

Divya Reddy

She is a talented designer who has very elegant and her latest collection is very trendy and can be a great option for a modern bride who likes good pastel colors. Her recent collection is all about layers and ruffles which are great for a cocktail or a reception. The colors are very light pastels and whites which has beautiful work on them.

Instagram: @divyareddyofficial | Contact: +91 6302585792

Jayanti Reddy

For some who love classic embroideries, this is a very good option, her designs are elegant, contemporary. Her designs were on different runways and many celebrities often wear her outfits. Her recent collection has a great combination of interesting colors that are highly embellished with rich work. The embroideries are classic and have very good detailing.

Instagram handle: @jayantireddylabel | Website: www.jayantireddy.com

Mrunalini Rao

She has a unique style in choosing the silhouettes and her style is much elegant, fun with colorful vibrant outfits. Each designed outfit has a classy feel to it. She has a great collection of designer blouses which has good stonework and also her recent collection is very refreshing and has cool floral prints with different outfit options.

Instagram handle : @mrunalinirao | Contact: +91 9100790383, +91 7032083620 | Website: www.mrunalinirao.com

Shravan Kummar

If you’re someone who likes wearing a classic woven saree, he can be a great option. His fabrics are usually handlooms and different woven materials to which he adds his touch and makes them prettier. He is known for his traditional blouses and works on saree. The blouses are designed perfectly to match the beautiful silk sarees for his brides.

Instagram: @shravankummar

Shilpa Reddy

She designs outfits that are elegant with great silhouettes, she also has great traditional outfits which are amazing. They all look clean and royal at the same time. she is also known for good blouses. Her recent collection has good tropical colors and has great floral work going on those beautiful pastels.

Instagram handle: @shilpareddyofficial | Website: www.shilpareddystudio.com

Shriya Som

Her label is a luxury brand that has amazing elegant lehengas and gowns which has a very modern touch with great detailing on her outfits. Her recent collection looks perfect for the modern loving brides. She has a great collection of light and pastels, if you’re someone looking for those light colors and simple pieces you can try them out.

Instagram: @shriyasom | Contact: +91 9640577111

Top 5 Designer Bridal Saree Stores

In Hyderabad For Your Wedding Sarees

BRIDE TIP : When searching for Wedding Reference Use Pinterest instead of google, Pinterest has a great collection of anything you want and you can save them in boards for further reference.

Bridal sarees are a big deal for every south Indian because a saree is worn for the final ceremony. Your saree signifies your culture and many brides go for the classic red color which represents goddess Durga who signifies strength and power. You can get great silk, Kanchipuram, Banaras, and many more kinds of sarees and lehengas at some of the best places in Hyderabad. Here are few of them.

kanchipuram vara mahalakshmi silks

They are known for their original Kanchi silk sarees which are very beautiful. It has a wide range of collections on different varieties of sarees but is very famous for its Kanchi silk woven sarees. They have a saree for every type of person, you’ll love the collection. They have different color options to choose from and are most recommended for every bride.

Instagram: @kanchivmlsilks | Website: kanchivml.com

Kavitha Gutta

She is known for her traditional silk sarees and half sarees which are very pretty and she also adds zari work to make it prettier. She has a wide range of silk sarees in different colors, the work designed by her doesn’t dominate the beautiful saree but enhances its beauty.

Instagram: @kavithaguttaofficial | Contact: +91 7702956677 | Website: www.goldenthreads.co


They are known for their unique collection of sarees. They also have a wide range of variety and are recommended for any occasion or pooja. they have a good collection in not only bridal but also have a good variety in party wear sarees. They have great Banaras sarees as well, which are woven in very pretty colors.

Instagram: @brandmandir | Website: www.brandmandir.com

Mugdha art studio

It has mesmerizing traditional sarees which are pure silk, Kanchipuram collection. you surely don’t want to miss out on this collection. It has a wide range of varieties of sarees you can choose from. All these silk woven sarees come with great quality and these look beautiful on every woman.

Instagram: @mugdhaartstudio | Contact: +91 9618229321

VRK silks

Almost all South Indian saree lovers know this brand, they offer a wide range of sarees that are worn for different occasions. They have a great range of bridal sarees and also different sarees for different occasions and poojas. They are known for their great collection and quality.

Instagram: @vrksilks | Website: www.vrksilks.co.in

BrideTip: Keep your bridesmaids dress colors also in mind to get great pictures without odd color blocking in your Photo frame.